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The majority of articles published in The Journal of Clinical Ethics are subject to double-blinded peer review: that is, manuscripts are reviewed by experts who do so without remuneration.


Some reviewers are members of the Editorial Board of JCE. Members of the Editorial Board receive a complimentary print subscription to the journal and no other compensation.

Reviewers do not know the names of authors, and authors do not know the names of reviewers. The names of authors and reviewers are known to the managing editor; manuscripts are assigned a number, and their progress through the peer-review process is tracked using this number. Unless a reviewer gives the managing editor permission, the reviewer’s identity will not be revealed to an author or to anyone else.

Reviewers’ comments may be sent to other reviewers of the same manuscript, and reviewers may be notified of the Editors’ decision regarding the publication of a manuscript.

Reviewers must disclose to the managing editor any conflict of interest that could bias their opinion of a manuscript, and should disqualify themselves from reviewing a manuscript when appropriate. Reviewers should not use knowledge of a work before publication to further their own interest.


Individuals who are interested in serving as peer reviewers should contact Leslie LeBlanc, managing editor, at The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2 Public Square, Suite 206, Hagerstown, MD 21740 U.S.A. Phone: (240)420-8850, fax: (240)714-7100,




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