The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Spring 2009, Volume 20, Number 1


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Summer 2009, Volume 20, Number 2


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Fall 2009, Volume 20, Number 3


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Winter 2009, Volume 20, Number 4




The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Spring 2009, Volume 20, Number 1

Entire issue, Spring 2009, Volume 20, Number 1


Separate articles:


Increasing Consensus with Patients and their Loved Ones

Edmund G. Howe


Increasing Rates of Organ Donation: Exploring the Institute of Medicine’s Boldest Recommendation

James M. DuBois


Translating the IOM’s “Boldest Recommendation” into Accepted Practice

Stephen P. Wall, Nancy N. Dubler, and Lewis R. Goldfrank, on Behalf of the New York City Uncontrolled Donation after Cardiac Death Study Group


Public Policy Should Facilitate Organ Donation for Transplantation: A Commentary on “Increasing Rates of Organ Donation: Exploring the IOM’s Boldest Recommendation”
Ronald B. Miller


Commentary on DuBois
Nneka O. Mokwunye, Evan G. DeRenzo, Virginia A. Brown, and John J. Lynch


Comment on DuBois’s Article, “Increasing Rates of Organ Donation: Exploring the IOM’s Boldest Recommendation”
Sigrid Fry-Revere and Bahar Bastani


Response to Commentaries on “Increasing Rates of Organ Donation”
James M. DuBois


Ethics Consultation and “Facilitated” Consensus
David M. Adams


Consensus and Independent Judgment in Clinical Ethics: Or What Can an Eighteenth-Century French Mathematician Teach Us about Ethics Consultation?
Lynn A. Jansen


Difficult Patients, Overmedication, and Groupthink
Francis Dominic Degnin


Groupthink and Caregivers’ Projections: Addressing Barriers to Empathy
Jodi Halpern


A Process and Format for Clinical Ethics Consultation
Robert D. Orr and Wayne Shelton


Seeking Excellence in Hospital Care: Evolving Toward a Systems Approach
Evan G. DeRenzo


Legal Trends in Bioethics
Sigrid Fry-Revere, Alison Mathey, Deborah Chen, and Nathaniel B. Revere



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Summer 2009, Volume 20, Number 2

Entire issue, Summer 2009, Volume 20, Number 2


Separate articles:


Paradigms for Choosing Paradigms
Edmund G. Howe

The 10-Year Experience of Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act: 1998-2007
Katrina Hedberg, David Hopkins, Richard Leman, and Melvin Kohn

Putting Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act in Perspective: Characteristics of Decedents Who Did Not Participate
Katrina Hedberg and Susan Tolle

Must Physicians Report Impaired Driving? Rethinking a Duty on a Collision Course with Itself
Jacob Appel

Is There Coercion or Undue Inducement to Participate in Health Research in Developing Countries? An Example from Rakai, Uganda
Fred Nalugoda, Jennifer Wagman, Mohammed Kiddugavu, Noah Kiwanuka, Elizabeth Garrett, Ron H. Gray, David Serwadda, Maria J. Wawer, and Ezekiel J. Emanuel

Patients’ Perceptions on Healthcare Decision Making in Rural India: A Qualitative Study and Ethical Analysis
Sridevi Seetharam and Renzo Zanotti

Patients’ Concerns for Family Burden: A Nonconforming Preference in Standards for Surrogate Decision Making
Jeffrey T. Berger

Berger on Burdens
James Lindemann Nelson

Commentary on “Patients’ Concerns for Family Burden”
Carol Levine

Commentary on Berger’s “Patients’ Concerns for Family Burden”
Evan G. DeRenzo

When I Lay My Burden Down: Commentary on Berger
Arthur R. Derse

What Really Is in a Child’s Best Interest? Toward a More Precise Picture of the Interests of Children
Janet Malek

Accommodating Religious and Moral Objections to Neurological Death
Robert S. Olick, Eli A. Braun, and Joel Potash

Religious Belief and Surrogate Medical Decision Making
Stewart Eskew and Christopher Meyers



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Fall 2009, Volume 20, Number 3

Entire Issue, Fall 2009, Volume 20, Number 3


Separate articles:


Beyond the State of the Art in Ethics Consultation

Edmund G. Howe


Physician Orders to Supplement Advance Directives: Rescuing Patient Autonomy

Ronald B. Miller


Integrating Ethics and Patient Safety: The Role of Ethics Consultants in Quality Improvement

Douglas J. Opel, Dena Brownstein, Douglas S. Diekema, Benjamin S. Wilfond, and Robert A. Pearlman


When Humor in the Hospital Is No Laughing Matter

Julie M. Aultman


Non-Adherence to Instructions to Cancel a Cycle in a Patient Overstimulated with Gonadotropins in a Planned Intrauterine Insemination Cycle

Awoniyi Olumide Awonuga, Mauro H. Schenone, Mazen E. Abdallah, Frank D. Yelian, Michael P. Diamond, and Elizabeth E. Puscheck


Preventive Ethics and Subsequent Care of Patients Self-Administering Ovarian Stimulation for the Management of Infertility

Frank A. Chervenak and Laurence B. McCullough


Boldt v. Boldt

Dena S. Davis


Where Is the Child? Circumcision and Custody in Boldt v. Boldt

Janet L. Dolgin


Boldt v. Boldt: A Pediatric Ethics Perspective

Douglas S. Diekema


Circumcision, Conversion, and Deciding for a Minor: Some Jewish Perspectives

Noam Zohar


The Diagnosis of Dying

George F. Davis


As Prickly as a Porcupine: Reflections on a Systems-Based "Experiential Sculpting Exercise"

Thomas C. Foreman


Substituted Judgment Surrogates Have Not Been Shown to Make Inaccurate Substituted Judgments

Linus Broström and Mats Johansson


Legal Briefing: Medical Futility and Assisted Suicide

Thaddeus Mason Pope


Legal Update

Thaddeus Mason Pope



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Winter 2009, Volume 20, Number 4

Entire Issue, Winter 2009, Volume 20, Number 4


Separate articles:


Should Careproviders Go Ethically"Off Label"?

Edmund G. Howe


The Just Distance: Narrative, Singularity, and Relationality as the Source of a New Bioethical Principle

Paul Qualtere-Burcher


Patients Don’t Consider End-Stage Medical Conditions the Same as Being Permanently Unconscious When Filling Out a Living Will

Kelli M. Manippo and Jack L. DePriest


Variability in the Pediatric Intensivists’ Threshold for Withdrawal/Limitation of Life Support as Perceived by Bedside Nurses

Colleen Gresiuk and Ari Joffe


Variability in the Limitation of Life Support in Pediatrics Continues

Anita J. Catlin


Moral Distress, Moral Residue, and the Crescendo Effect

Elizabeth Gingell Epstein and Ann Baile Hamric


A Quality Improvement Approach to Improving Informed Consent Practices in Pediatric Research

Mary Beth Foglia, Halle Showalter Salas, and Douglas S. Diekema


A Descriptive and Moral Evaluation of Providing Informal Medical Care to One’s Own Children

Jennifer K. Walter, Elizabeth Pappano, and Lainie Friedman Ross


Legal Briefing: Advance Care Planning

Thaddeus Mason Pope