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The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2015, Volume 26


Spring 2015, Volume 26, Number 1

Summer 2015, Volume 26, Number 2

Fall 2015, Volume 26, Number 3

Winter 2015, Volume 26, Number 4


Current Issue:

Winter 2015, Volume 26, Number 4

Entire issue, Winter 2015, Volume 26, Number 4


At the Bedside

Mediation Approaches at the Beginning or End of Life

Edmund G. Howe


The “Commitment Model” for Clinical Ethics Consultations: Society’s Involvement in the Solution of Individual Cases

Véronique Fournier, Marta Spranzi, Nicolas Foureur, and Laurence Brunet

Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Preclinical Testing for Alzheimer’s Disease

Jalayne J. Arias, Jeffrey Cummings, Alexander Rae Grant, and Paul J. Ford

Patient Decision Aids: A Case for Certification at the National Level in the United States

Urbashi Poddar, Shannon Bownlee, Dawn Stacey, Robert J. Volk, John W. Williams, and Glyn Elwyn

Special Section: Mediation Techniques for Managing Clinical Conflict

Teaching and Learning the Techniques of Conflict Resolution for Challenging Ethics Consultations

Edward J. Bergman and Autumn Fiester

Identifying Sources of Clinical Conflict: A Tool for Practice and Training in Bioethics Mediation

Edward J. Bergman

Contentious Conversations: Using Mediation Techniques in Difficult Clinical Ethics Consultations

Autumn Fiester

A Second Opinion: A Case Narrative on Clinical Ethics Mediation

Michael S. Weinstein

Patient-Centered Care and the Mediator’s Skills

Mary K. Walton

In the Ethos of the Safety Net: An Expanded Role for Clinical Ethics Mediation

Jolion McGreevy

Mediation Training for the Physician: Expanding the Communication Toolkit to Manage Conflict

Joshua B. Kayser

Preventing and De-Escalating Ethical Conflict: A Communication-Training Mediation Model

Tomer T. Levin and Patricia A. Parker

Intensive Care, Intense Conflict: A Balanced Approach

Erin Talati Paquette and Irini N. Kolaitis

Cases from the Cleveland Clinic

“She Just Doesn’t Know Him Like We Do”: Illuminating Complexities in Surrogate Decision Making

Margot M. Eves and Bryn S. Esplin


Medical Decision Making for Patients Without Proxies: The Effect of Personal Experience in the Deliberative Process

Allyson L. Robichaud


Legal Briefing: Medicare Coverage of Advance Care Planning

Thaddeus Mason Pope


Fall 2015, Volume 26, Number 3

Entire Issue, Fall 2015, Volume 26, Number 3


At the Bedside

How to Help Parents, Couples, and Clinicians When an Extremely Premature Infant Is Born

Edmund G. Howe


COAST (Coordinating Options for Acute Stroke Therapy): An Advance Directive for Stroke

Ilana Spokoyny, Lynette Cederquist, Brian Clay, and Brett C. Meyer

Assessing Advance Care Planning: Examining Autonomous Selections in an Advance Directive

Craig M. Klugman and Nicole M. Tolwin

Informed Consent, Deaf Culture, and Cochlear Implants

Lauren Pass and Abraham D. Graber

Clinical Ethics Consultation

Case Complexity and Quality Attestation for Clinical Ethics Consultants

Bethany Spielman, Jana Craig, Christine Gorka, and Keith Miller


Prenatal Consultation for Extremely Preterm Neonates: Ethical Pitfalls and Proposed Solutions

Jennifer C. Kett

Case Analysis

Ethical Bargaining and Parental Exclusion: A Clinical Case Analysis

Laura Guidry-Grimes and Elizabeth Victor

The Least Bad Option: Unilateral Extubation after Declaration of Death by Neurological Criteria

Sally E. Bliss and Robert C. Macauley


Clarifying an Expanded Use of Continuous Sedation Until Death: A Reply to the Commentary by McCammon and Piemonte

Samuel H. LiPuma and Joseph P. DeMarco


Response to Stephens and Heitman

Jason Adam Wasserman


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2015, Volume 26


Summer 2015, Volume 26, Number 2

Entire Issue, Summer 2015, Volume 26, Number 2


At the Bedside

How to Retain the Trust of Patients and Families When We Will Not Provide the Treatment They Want

Edmund G. Howe


A Justifiable Asymmetry

Daniel Brudney and Mark Siegler

On Not Taking “Yes” for an Answer

Alexander M. Capron

Moral Reasoning among HEC Members: An Empirical Evaluation of the Relationship of Theory and Practice in Clinical Ethics Consultation

Jason Adam Wasserman, Shannon Lindsey Stevenson, Cassandra Claxton, and Ernest F. Krug, III

Reasoning Backwards by Design: Commentary on “Moral Reasoning among HEC Members”

Ashley L. Stephens and Elizabeth Heitman

Expanding the Use of Continuous Sedation Until Death: Moving Beyond the Last Resort for the Terminally Ill

Samuel H. LiPuma and Joseph P. DeMarco

Continuous Sedation Until Death Should Not Be an Option of First Resort

Susan D. McCammon and Nicole M. Piemonte

“Let Me Keep My Dead Husband’s Sperm”: Ethical Issues in Posthumous Reproduction

Nikoletta Panagiotopoulou and Stamatios Karavolos

Case Reports from the Harvard Ethics Consortium

The Value of Virginity

Christine Mitchell

When Bleeding Is Vital: Surgically Ensuring the “Virginal” State

Sohaila Bastami

A Hymen Epiphany

Farrah Jarral

On Hymenoplasty

Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good

Hymen Restoration: “My” Discomfort, “Their” Culture, and Women’s Missing Voice

Sylvie Schuster

The Value of Virginity and the Value of the Law: Accommodating Multiculturalism

Pablo de Lora

Is Hymenoplasty Anti-Feminist?

Gretchen Heinrichs

Doctoring the Genitals: Towards Broadening the Meaning of Social Medicine

Richard A. Shweder


Legal Briefing: Adult Orphans and the Unbefriended: Making Medical Decisions for Unrepresented Patients without Surrogates

Thaddeus Mason Pope


Letter: Possible Unintended Consequences of Including Equal-Priority Surrogates

Steven Perry and Arvind Venkat

Letter: Response to Perry and Venkat

Autumn Fiester



Spring 2015, Volume 26, Number 1

Entire Issue, Spring 2015, Volume 26, Number 1


Professionalism: One Size Does Not Fit All

Edmund G. Howe 

A Quality of Life Quandary: A Framework for Navigating Parental Refusal of Treatment for Co-Morbidities in Infants with Underlying Medical Conditions

Sarah N. Kunz, Ryan M. McAdams, Douglas S. Diekema, and Douglas J. Opel

Witnesses to Mute Suffering:  Quality of Life, Intellectual Disability, and the Harm Standard

Lisa C. Freitag

Home Birth of Infants with Congenital Anomalies: A Case Study and Ethical Analysis of Careproviders’ Obligations

Jane Jankowski and Paul Burcher  

Of Missing Voices and the Obstetric Imaginary: Commentary on Jankowski and Burcher

Melissa Cheyney

Hinduism and Death with Dignity: Historic and Contemporary Case Examples

Rajan Dewar, Nancy Cahners, Christine Mitchell, and Lachlan Forrow

Medical Professionalism in China and the United States: A Transcultural Interpretation

Jing-Bao Nie, Kirk L. Smith, Yali Cong, Linying Hu, and Joseph D. Tucker

Re-Evaluating Ethical Concerns in Planned Emergency Research Involving Critically Ill Patients: An Interpretation of the Guidance Document from the United States Food and Drug Administration

Nathan J. Smischney, James A. Onigkeit, Richard F. Hinds, and Wayne T. Nicholson

The Ethics of Physicians’ Web Searches for Patients’ Information

Nicholas Genes and Jacob Appel

Legal Briefing: Coerced Treatment and Involuntary Confinement for Contagious Disease

Thaddeus Mason Pope and Heather Michelle Bughman