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The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2016, Volume 27


Spring 2016, Volume 27, Number 1

Summer 2016, Volume 27, Number 2

Fall 2016, Volume 27, Number 3

Winter 2016, Volume 27, Number 4


Current Issue:

Winter 2016, Volume 27, Number 4

Entire issue, Winter 2016, Volume 27, Number 4

At the Bedside

New Paradigms in Medical Ethics

Edmund G. Howe


A Survey of Physicians’ Attitudes toward Decision-Making Authority for Initiating and Withdrawing VA-ECMO: Results and Ethical Implications for Shared Decision Making

Ellen C. Meltzer, Natalia S. Ivascu, Meredith Stark, Alexander V. Orfanos, Cathleen A. Acres, Paul J. Christos, Thomas Mangione, and Joseph J. Fins

Covert Administration of Medication to Persons with Dementia: Exploring Ethical Dimensions

Jenny M. Young and David Unger

Covert Medications: Act of Compassion or Conspiracy of Silence?

Robert C. Macauley

Stakeholders’  Views on Barriers to Research on Controversial Controlled Substances

Evelyn Rhodes, Michael Andreae, Tyler Bourgiose, Debbie Indyk, Rosamond Rhodes, and Henry Sacks

The Evolution of American Hospital Ethics Committees: A Systematic Review

Andrew Courtwright and Martha Jurchak

Cultivating Administrative Support for a Clinical Ethics Consultation Service

Courtenay R. Bruce, Mary A. Majumder, Ashley Stephens, Janet Malek, and Amy McGuire

Cases from the Cleveland Clinical Foundation

What’s Knowledge Got to Do with It? Ethics, Epistemology, and Intractable Conflicts in the Medical Setting

Bryan Kibbe and Paul J. Ford


Medical Futility: A Contemporary Review

Ellen Coonan


Fall 2016, Volume 27, Number 3

Entire issue, Fall 2016, Volume 27, Number 3

At the Bedside

      Harmful Emotional Responses that Patients and Physicians May Have When their Values Conflict

      Edmund G. Howe


      Moral Agency, Moral Imagination, and Moral Community: Antidotes to Moral Distress

      Terri Traudt, Joan Liaschenko, and Cynthia Peden-McAlpine

      Towards a New Narrative of Moral Distress: Realizing the Potential of Resilience

      Cynda Hylton Rushton and Alisa Carse

 Special Section: Physicians’ Exercise of Conscience: Commentaries on the AMA’s Code of Medical Ethics

      Report by the American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs on Physicians’ Exercise of Conscience

      BJ Crigger, Patrick W. McCormick, Stephen L. Brotherton, and Valarie Blake

      Accommodating Conscientious Objection in Medicine—Private Ideological Convictions Must Not Trump Professional Obligations

      Udo Schuklenk 

      Professional Ethics, Personal Conscience, and Public Expectations

      Claudia E. Haupt

      Who Judges Harm?

      Nadia N. Sawicki

      Action Steps and Solutions for Physicians’ Exercise of Conscience

      Eliza Blanchard and Lynn Stoller

      Conscientious Objection: Widening the Temporal and Organizational Horizons

      Armand H. Matheny Antommaria

      Thinking about Conscience

      BJ Crigger


      Legal Briefing: Stopping Nonbeneficial Life-Sustaining Treatment without Consent

      Thaddeus Mason Pope and Kristin Kemmerling


Summer 2016, Volume 27, Number 2

Entire issue, Summer 2016, Volume 27, Number 2

At the Bedside

What Do We Owe Medical Students and Medical Colleagues Who Are Impaired?

Edmund G. Howe


Untangling Uncertainty: A Study of the Discourses Shaping Clinical Ethics Consultation as a Professional Practice

Salla Saxén

How Can Clinical Ethics Committees Take on Organizational Ethics? Some Practical Suggestions

James E. Sabin

What Is Everyday Ethics? A Review and a Proposal for an Integrative Concept

Natalie Zizzo, Emily Bell, and Eric Racine

Medical Education and Professionalism

The Medical Ethics Curriculum in Medical Schools: Present and Future

Alberto Giubilini, Sharyn Milnes, and Julian Savulescu

Medical Boards and Fitness to Practice: The Case of Teleka Patrick, MD

Katrina A. Bramstedt

Clinical Ethics Consultation

Gender and Race in the Timing of Requests for Ethics Consultations: A Single-Center Study

Bethany Spielman, Christine Gorka, Keith Miller, Carolyn A. Pointer, and Barbara Hinze

Measuring Quality in Ethics Consultation

Sally E. Bliss, Jane E. Oppenlander, Jacob M. Dahlke, Gordon J. Meyer, Eva M. Williford, and Robert C. Macauley

Defining Patient Advocacy for the Context of Clinical Ethics Consultation: A Review of the Literature and Recommendations for Consultants

Tracy Brazg, Taryn Lindhorst, Denise Dudzinski, and Benjamin Wilfond



Spring 2016, Volume 27, Number 1

Entire issue, Spring 2016, Volume 27, Number 1


At the Bedside

How Clinicians Can Reduce “Bullied Acquiescence”

Edmund G. Howe


The Effectiveness of Standardized Patient Simulation in Training Hospital Ethics Committees

David Y. Harari and Robert C. Macauley

Clinical Recommendations in Medical Practice: A Proposed Framework to Reduce Bias and Improve the Quality of Medical Decisions

David Alfandre

The Role of Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Clinical Ethics Consultation: The Need for a Competency in Advanced Ethics Facilitation

Wayne Shelton, Cynthia Geppert, and Jane Jankowski

A Case of Attempted Suicide in Huntington’s Disease: Ethical and Moral Considerations

Kristin Furfari, Nichole Zehnder, and Jean Abbott


Story of a Mediation in the Clinical Setting

Haavi Morreim

Cases from MedStar Washington Hospital Center

The Case of Ms D: A Family’s Request for Posthumous Procurement of Ovaries

Laura Guidry-Grimes

Analysis: OB/GYN-Genetics

Melissa Fries

Analysis: Fertility Preservation

Veronica Gómez-Lobo

Analysis: A Legal Perspective

Jack Schwartz


Ethical Considerations of Whole-Eye Transplantation

Wesley N. Sivak, Edward H. Davidson, Chiaki Komatsu, Yang Li, Maxine R. Miller, Joel S. Schuman, Mario G. Solari, Gerard Magill, and Kia M. Washington    

Let’s Not Forget about Clinical Ethics Committees!

Franco A. Carnevale

Moving Clinical Deliberations on Administrative Discharge in Drug Addiction Treatment Beyond Moral Rhetoric to Empirical Ethics

Izaak L. Williams


Legal Briefing: Mandated Reporters and Compulsory Reporting Duties

Thaddeus Mason Pope