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The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2017, Volume 28

Winter 2017, Volume 28, Number 4

Fall 2017, Volume 28, Number 3
Summer 2017, Volume 28, Number 2

Spring 2017, Volume 28, Number 1


Current Issue:


Winter 2017, Volume 28, Number 4

Entire Issue, Winter 2017, Volume 28, Number 4


At the Bedside

New Ways to Cut through Ethical Gordian Knots

Edmund G. Howe


Comparativism and the Grounds for Person-Centered Care and Shared Decision Making

Anders Herlitz

Incapacitated Surrogates: A New and Increasing Dilemma in Hospital Care

Karen L. Smith, Patrice Fedel, and Jay Heitman

Measuring Instrument for Ethical Sensitivity in the Therapeutic Sciences

Alida Naudé and Juan Bornman

Make It Plain: Strengthening the Ethical Foundation of First-Person Authorization for Organ Donation

James L. Benedict

Cases from the Cleveland Clinic

Incarcerated Patients and Equitability: The Ethical Obligation to Treat Them Differently

Lisa Fuller and Margot M. Eves

Clinical Ethics Consultation

Ongoing Evaluation of Clinical Ethics Consultations as a Form of Continuous  Quality Improvement

Rebecca L. Volpe

Moral Distress, Ethical Environment, and the Embedded Ethicist

Donna Messutta

Medical Education

The Rise of Hospitalists: An Opportunity for Clinical Ethics

Matthew W. McCarthy, Diego Real de Asua, and Joseph J. Fins



Fall 2017, Volume 28, Number 3

Entire issue, Fall 2017, Volume 28, Number 3


At the Bedside

Nine Lessons from Ashley and Her Parents

Edmund G. Howe


Holding Ashley (X): Bestowing Identity Through Caregiving in Profound Intellectual Disability

Lisa Freitag and Joan Liaschenko

How We Become Who We Are: Ashley, Carla, and the Rest of Us

Jamie Lindemann Nelson

Giving Voice to the Voiceless: The Colorado Response to Unrepresented Patients

Deb Bennett-Woods, Jean Abbott, and Jacqueline J. Glover

Re-Evaluating the Ethics of Uterine Transplantation

Danish Zaidi

May Medical Centers Give Nonresident Patients Priority in Scheduling Outpatient Follow-Up Appointments?

Armand H. Matheny Antommaria

Cases and Analysis

Responding to Moral Distress and Ethical Concerns at the Intersection of Medical Illness and Unmet Mental Health Needs

Donna D. McKlindon, Pamela Nathanson, and Chris Feudtner

At the Intersection of Faith, Culture, and Family Dynamics: A Complex Case of Refusal of Treatment for Childhood Cancer

Amy E. Caruso Brown

The Angry Amish Grandfather: Cultural Competence and Empathy: A Case Commentary

James L. Benedict


The Ethics of Research in Lower Income Countries: Double Standards Are Not the Problem

David S. Wendler


Universal Health Care: The Cost of Being Human

Roger Strair

Vaccine Exemptions and the Church-State Problem

Dena S. Davis



Summer 2017, Volume 28, Number 2

Entire issue, Summer 2017, Volume 28, Number 2


At the Bedside

Going from What Is, to What Should Be, to Care Better for Our Patients and Families

Edmund G. Howe


Controversies in Cardiopulmonary Death

Michael G. Fara, Breehan Chancellor, Aaron S. Lord, and Ariane Lewis

How Do Healthcare Providers Feel About Family Presence During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation?

Alicia Pérez Blanco

A Patient (Not) Alone

Lauren Sydney Flicker

The Role of Relational Knowing in Advance Care Planning

Kate Robins-Browne, Kelsey Hegarty, Marilys Guillemen, Paul Komesaroff, and Victoria Palmer

Knowing About Others: On “The Role of Relational Knowing in Advance Care Planning”

Jamie Lindemann Nelson

Developing Clinical Ethics Consultation and Committees

Structure, Operation, and Experience of Clinical Ethics Consultation 2007-2013: A Report from the Massachusetts General Hospital Optimum Care Committee

Ellen M. Robinson, Wendy Cadge, Kimberly Erler, Sharon Brackett, Julia Bandini, Alexandra Cist, M. Cornelia Cremens, Eric L. Krakauer, and Andrew M. Courtwright

Development of a Clinical Ethics Committee De Novo at a Small Community Hospital by Addressing Needs and Potential Barriers

Bonnie H. Arzuaga

Case and Analysis

Do Not Resuscitate, with No Surrogate and No Advance Directive: An Ethics Case Study

Jamie Diamond, Umesh Gidwani, and Rosamond Rhodes


Legal Briefing: Unwanted Cesareans and Obstetric Violence

Thaddeus Mason Pope



Spring 2017, Volume 28, Number 1

Entire issue, Spring 2017, Volume 28, Number 1


At the Bedside

Fourteen Important Concepts Regarding Moral Distress

Edmund G. Howe

Special Section on Moral Distress

Harnessing the Promise of Moral Distress: A Call for Re-Orientation

Alisa Carse and Cynda Hylton Rushton

Focus More on Causes and Less on Symptoms of Moral Distress

Tessy A. Thomas and Laurence B. McCullough    

Using Moral Distress for Organizational Improvement

James E. Sabin

Looking at the Positive Side of Moral Distress: Why It’s a Problem

Elizabeth G. Epstein and Ashley R. Hurst

Moral Distress: Conscious and Unconscious Feelings

William J. Winslade


When Not to Rescue: An Ethical Analysis of Best Practices for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care

Nancy S. Jecker and Arthur R. Derse

A Framework for Ethical Decision Making in the Rehabilitation of Patients with Anosognosia

Anna Rita Egbert

Case and Analysis

Family Loyalty as a Cultural Obstacle to Good Care: The Case of Mrs. Indira

Shahla Siddiqui

Complexities in Caregiving: Comforts, Cultures, Countries, Conversations, and Contracts

Shenbagam Dewar and Rajan Dewar


Legal Briefing: New Penalties for Ignoring Advance Directives and Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders

Thaddeus Mason Pope