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The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2018, Volume 29

Spring 2018, Volume 29, Number 1

Summer 2018, Volume 29, Number 2

Fall 2018, Volume 29, Number 3

Winter 2018, Volume 29, Number 4


Current Issue:

Winter 2018, Volume 29, Number 4, Winter 2018

Entire Issue, Winter 2018, Volume 29, Number 4


At the Bedside

Helping Patients to Achieve What They Find Most Meaningful in Life

Edmund G. Howe 


Familial Discordance Regarding Fertility Preservation for a Transgender Teen: An Ethical Case Study

Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Amani Sampson, and Lisa Campo-Engelstein

Proxy Consent by a Physician When a Patient’s Capacity Is Equivocal: Respecting a Patient’s Autonomy by Overriding the Patient’s Ostensible Treatment Preferences

Abraham Graber, Carolyn April, and Michael D. April

Training to Increase Rater Reliability When Assessing the Quality of Ethics Consultation Records with the Ethics Consultation Quality Assessment Tool (ECQAT)

Robert Allan Pearlman, David Alfandre, Barbara L. Chanko, Mary Beth Foglia, and Kenneth A. Berkowitz

Technical Considerations for Implementation of Tele-Ethics Consultation in the Intensive Care Unit

Laura S. Johnson. David M. Brennan, and Nneka O. Sederstrom

Systematic Review of Typologies Used to Characterize Clinical Ethics Consultations

Jennifer E. deSante-Bertkau, Michelle L. McGowan, and Armand H. Matheny Antommaria

Justice and Respect for Autonomy: Jehovah’s Witnesses and Kidney Transplant

Paul J. Cummins and Federico Nicoli

Cases from the Cleveland Clinic

Discomfort as a Catalyst: An Ethical Analysis of Donation after Cardiac Death in a Patient with Locked-In Syndrome

Bethany Bruno and Margot M. Eves


To Give or Not to Give: The Challenge of Pharmaceutical Coupons

Mihail Zilbermint and Louise Schiavone


Fall 2018, Volume 29, Number 3

Entire issue, Fall 2018, Volume 29, Number 3


At the Bedside

How We May Become Detached from Our Patients and What We Can Do If This Happens

            Edmund G. Howe


Deathbed Confession: When a Dying Patient Confesses to Murder: Clinical, Ethical, and Legal Implications

            Laura Tincknell, Anne O’Callaghan, Joanna Manning, and Phillipa Malpas

Ethical Challenges in Acute Evaluation of Suspected Psychogenic Stroke Mimics

            Alexandra J. Sequeira, Michael G. Fara, and Ariane Lewis

Positive HIV Test Results from Deceased Organ Donors: Should We Disclose to Next of Kin?

            Anne L. Dalle Ave and David M. Shaw

Posthumous HIV Disclosure and Relational Rupture

            Laura K. Guidry-Grimes and D. Micah Hester

Plain Anabaptists and Healthcare Ethics

            James Benedict

Refusal of Vaccination: A Test to Balance Societal and Individual Interests

            Kavita Shah Arora, Jane Morris, and Allan J. Jacobs

Nursing Ethics Huddles to Decrease Moral Distress among Nurses in the Intensive Care Unit

            Marianne C. Chiafery, Patrick Hopkins, Sally A. Norton, and Margie Hodges Shaw

”I Would Do It All Over Again”: Cherishing Time and the Absence of Regret in Continuing a Pregnancy after a Life-Limiting Diagnosis

            Charlotte Wool, Rana Limbo, and Erin M. Denney-Koelsch


The Mission of Safety Net Hospitals: Charity or Equity?

            Thea James      

Scribes, Electronic Health Records, and the Expectation of Confidentiality

            Paul M. Wangenheim



Summer 2018, Volume 29, Number 2

Entire issue, Summer 2018, Volume 29, Number 2


At the Bedside

Edge-of-the-Field Ethics Consulting: What Are We Missing?

        Edmund G. Howe


Psychiatric Diagnoses and Informed Consent

        Andrew Clark                 

Response to “Psychiatric Diagnoses and Informed Consent”

        David Brendel

TTaPP: Together Take a Pause and Ponder: A Critical Thinking Tool for Exploring the Public/Private Lives of Patients

        Leslie Kuhnel

Medical Futility in Concept, Culture, and Practice

        Grattan T. Brown

Action Guide for Addressing Ethical Challenges of Resource Allocation Within Community-Based Healthcare Organization

        Krista L. Harrison, Holly A. Taylor, and Maria W. Merritt

Treating Vulnerable Populations

Medical Decision Making for Medically Complex Children in Foster Care:  Who Knows the Child’s Best Interests?

        Rebecca R. Seltzer, Rachel A.B. Dodge,  and Renee D. Boss

Medically Complex Children in Foster Care: Do Research “Protections” Make This  “Vulnerable Population” More Vulnerable?

      Rebecca R. Seltzer, Megan Kasimatis Singleton, Erin P. Williams, and Renee D. Boss

Ethics Consultation Practice

The Work of ASBH’s Clinical Ethics Consultation Affairs Committee: Development Processes Behind Our Educational Materials

 Courtenay R. Bruce, Jane Jankowski, Barbara L. Chanko, Anne Cordes, Barrie J. Huberman, Liza-Marie Johnson, Deborah L. Kasman,

Aviva Katz, Ellen M. Robinson, Katherine Wasson, and George E. Hardart

The Development and Rationale for CECA’s Case-Based Study Guide

        George J. Agich


Can Islamic Jurisprudence Justify Procurement of Transplantable Vital Organs in Brain Death?

        Mohamed Y. Rady



Spring 2018, Volume 29, Number 1

Entire issue, Spring 2018, Volume 29, Number 1


At the Bedside

Slowing Down Fast Thinking to Enhance Understanding

Edmund G. Howe


“Buying-In” and “Cashing-Out”: Patients’ Experience and the Refusal of Life-Prolonging Treatment

Nathan Scheiner and Joan Liaschenko

Impact of Cognitive Load on Family Decision Makers’ Recall and Understanding of Donation Requests for the Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Project

Laura A. Siminoff, Maureen Wilson-Genderson, Maghboeba Mosavel, Laura Barker, Jennifer Trgina, Heather M. Traino, Howard M. Nathan,

Richard D. Hasz, and Gary Walters

An International Legal Review of the Relationship between Brain Death and Organ Transplantation

      Kiarash Aramesh, Hitoshi Arima, Dale Gardiner, and Seema K. Shah

Clinical Practice

The Bedside Capacity Assessment Tool: Further Development of a Clinical Tool to Assist with a Growing Aging Population with Increased Healthcare Complexities

Maria Torrroella Carney, Brian Emmert, and Brian Keefe

Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records for Quality Assessment and Review of Clinical Ethics Consultation

Susan Sanelli-Russo, Kelly McBride Folkers, William Sakolsky, Joseph J. Fins, and Nancy Neveloff Dubler

The Ethics of Bundled Payments in Total Joint Replacement: ”Cherry Picking” and “Lemon Dropping”

Casey Jo Humbyrd


Colorado’s New Proxy Law: Moving from Statute to Guidelines

Jacqueline J. Glover, Deb Bennett-Woods, and Jean Abbott