The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2011, Volume 22


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Spring 2011, Volume 22, Number 1


Entire issue, Spring 2011, Volume 21, Number 1


Separate articles:


How Can Careproviders Most Help Patients during a Disaster?

Edmund G. Howe


 Imagining the Unthinkable, Illuminating the Present

Jeffrey T. Berger, Guest Editor, Special Section: Clinical Ethics in Catastrophic Situations: Mapping a Standard of Care—Imagining the Unthinkable


An Ethical Framework for the Responsible Management of Pregnant Patients in a Medical Disaster

Frank A. Chervenak and Laurence B. McCullough


Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions to Limit the Transmission of a Pandemic Virus: The Need for Complementary Programs to Address Children’s Diverse Needs

Armand H. Matheny Antommaria and Emily A. Thorell


Unaltered Ethical Standards for Individual Physicians in the Face of Drastically Reduced Resources Resulting from an Improvised Nuclear Device Threat

J. Jaime Caro, C. Norman Coleman, Ann Knebel, and Evan G. DeRenzo


Attending to Social Vulnerability When  Rationing Pandemic Resources

Dorothy E. Vawter, J. Eline Garrett, Karen G. Gervais, Angela Witt Prehn, and Debra DeBruin


Ethical Care for Infants with Conditions Not Curable with Intensive Care

Bethan J. Everett and Susan G. Albersheim


Priority Setting Up Close

Barbara Russell and Deb deVlaming


Personal Perspective: “Evidence-Debased Medicine” and the Integrity of the Medical Profession

Richard L. Elliott


Legal Briefing: Healthcare Ethics Committees

Thaddeus Mason Pope


Letter: Ethical Issues Related to Direct Nursing Care Time, Compared to Time Spent Charting in Intensive Care Units

Peter Roffey and Duraiyah Thangathurai


Letter: Esprit de Corps

Evan G. DeRenzo and Jack Schwartz



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Summer 2011, Volume 22, Number 2


Entire issue, Summer 2011, Volume 22, Number 2


Separate articles:


Helping Patients by Involving Their Families

Edmund G. Howe


Responsive Care Management: Family Decision Makers in Advanced Cancer

Mary Ann Meeker


Trusting Families: Responding to Mary Ann Meeker, “Responsive Care Management: Family Decision Makers in Advanced Cancer”

James Lindemann Nelson


Revisiting the Best Interest Standard: Uses and Misuses

Douglas S. Diekema


The Best Interest Standard: Both Guide and Limit to Medical Decision Making on Behalf of Incapacitated Patients

Thaddeus Mason Pope


Between Uncertainty and Certainty

Lena Hoff and Göran Hermerén


A Systematic Review of Activities at a High-Volume Ethics Consultation Service

Courtenay R. Bruce, Martin L. Smith, Sabahat Hizlan, and Richard R. Sharp


Report of the AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs: Professionalism in the Use of Social Media

Rebecca Shore, Julia Halsey, Kavita Shah, Bette-Jane Crigger, and Sharon P. Douglas


Online Professionalism: Social Media, Social Contracts, Trust, and Medicine

Lois Snyder


Medical Professionalism: A Tale of Two Doctors

Tristan Gorrindo and James E. Groves


Nonclinical Use of Online Social Networking Sites: New and Old Challenges to Medical Professionalism

Lindsay A. Thompson and Erik W. Black


Blurring Boundaries and Online Opportunities

Jeanne M. Farnan and Vineet M. Arora


Physician, Monitor Thyself: Professionalism and Accountability in the Use of Social Media

Tara Lagu and S. Ryan Greysen


Social Media and Interpersonal Relationships: For Better or Worse?

Norman Quist


Certifying Clinical Ethics Consultants: Who Pays?

Marianne Burda


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Fall 2011, Volume 22, Number 3


Entire issue, Fall 2011, Volume 22, Number 3


Separate articles:


Ethical Challenges When Patients Have Dementia

Edmund G. Howe


Incapable Sex: A Case Study

Bethan J. Everett


Training Currently Practicing Members of the Ethics Consultation Service: One Institution’s Experience

Rebecca L. Volpe


Accuracy of a Decision Aid for Advance Care Planning: Simulated End-of-Life Decision Making

Benjamin H. Levi, Steven R. Heverley, and Michael J. Green


Advance Care Directives: Realities and Challenges in Central California

Marc Tunzi


Introduction to “Exemplary Cases in Clinical Ethics”

Leslie LeBlanc


Clinical Ethics Case Report: Questionable Capacity and the Guidance of Living Wills

Ari VanderWalde


Exemplary Cases in Clinical Ethics: Commentary on the Case of Mr. A.

Jeffrey Spike


Mind the Gap: The Lack of Common Language in Healthcare Ethics

Michael A. Kekewich, Dorothyann Curran, Jennifer L. Cornick, and Thomas C. Foreman


Perspective: The Findings of the Dartmouth Atlas Project: A Challenge to Clinical and Ethical Excellence in End-of-Life Care

John J. Mitchell, Jr.


Legal Briefing: Futile or Non-Beneficial Treatment

Thaddeus Mason Pope


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Winter 2011, Volume 22, Number 4


Entire Issue, Winter 2011, Volume 22, Number 4


Separate articles:


How Mediation (and Other) Approaches May Improve Ethics Consultants’ Outcomes
Edmund G. Howe

Consensus, Clinical Decision Making, and Unsettled Cases
David M. Adams and William J. Winslade

The Role of the Clinical Ethics Consultant in “Unsettled” Cases
David M. Adams

The Roles of the Ethics Consultant
William J. Winslade

Confronting Ambiguity: Identifying Options for Infants with Trisomy 18
Sabrina F. Derrington and April R. Dworetz

“Facilitated Consensus,” “Ethics Facilitation,” and Unsettled Cases
Mark P. Aulisio

Commentary on “Consensus, Clinical Decision Making, and Unsettled Cases”
Albert R. Jonsen

Final Comments
David M. Adams and William J. Winslade

Ill-Placed Democracy: Ethics Consultations and the Moral Status of Voting
Autumn M. Fiester

Commentary on Fiester’s “Ill-Placed Democracy: Ethics Consultations and the Moral Status of Voting”
Nancy Neveloff Dubler

Clinical Ethics Consultation’s Dilemma, and a Solution
Lisa M. Rasmussen