The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2012, Volume 23


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Spring 2012, Volume 23, Number 1


Entire issue, Spring 2012, Volume 23, Number 1


Separate articles:


How Careproviders Can Acquire and Apply Greater Wisdom

Edmund G. Howe


Clinical Wisdom in Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Philosophical and Qualitative Analysis

Cynthia Baum-Baicker and Dominic A. Sisti


Response: Clinical Wisdom and Evidence-Based Medicine Are Complementary

Julian De Freitas, Omar S. Haque, Abilash A. Gopal, and Harold J. Bursztajn


Clinical Wisdom and Evidence-Based Medicine Are (Indeed) Complementary: A Reply to Bursztajn and Colleagues

Cynthia Baum-Baicker and Dominic A. Sisti


Attending to Clinical Wisdom

Jodi Halpern


Her Own Decision: Impairment and Authenticity in Adolescence

Amy T. Campbell, Sabrina F. Derrington, D. Micah Hester, and Cheryl D. Lew


Supporting Her Autonomy: The Obligations of Guardians and Physicians in Adolescents’ Refusals of Care

Jennifer K. Walter


Intraoperative Conversion to Open Technique: Is Informed Consent Implied?

Chirag B. Patel and Davide Cattano


Anesthesiological Ethics: Can Informed Consent Be Implied?

Jeffrey P. Spike


Surrogate Medical Decision Making on Behalf of a Never-Competent, Profoundly Intellectually Disabled Patient Who Is Acutely Ill

Arvind Venkat


Care versus Treatment at the End of Life for Profoundly Disabled Persons

Jeffrey P. Spike


Legal Briefing: The Unbefriended: Making Healthcare Decisions for Patients without Surrogates (Part 1)

Thaddeus Mason Pope and Tanya Sellers



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Summer 2012, Volume 23, Number 2


Entire issue, Summer 2012, Volume 23, Number 2


Separate articles:

How Should Careproviders Respond to Patients’ Requests That May Be Refused?
Edmund G. Howe

Living Donation and Cosmetic Surgery: A Double Standard in Medical Ethics?
Giuliano Testa, Erica Carlisle, Mary Simmerling, and Peter Angelos

Different Standards Are Not Double Standards: All Elective Surgical Patients Are Not Alike
Lainie Friedman Ross, Walter Glannon, Lawrence J. Gottlieb, and J. Richard Thistlethwaite, Jr.

The Effect of Completing a Surrogacy Information and Decision-Making Tool upon Admission to an Intensive Care Unit on Length of Stay and Charges
Carol W. Hatler, Charlene Grove, Stephanie Strickland, Starr Barron, and Bruce D. White

Training in Clinical Ethics: Launching the Clinical Ethics Immersion Course at the Center for Ethics at the Washington Hospital Center
Nneka O. Mokwunye, Evan G. DeRenzo, Virginia A. Brown, and John J. Lynch

Training in Clinical Ethics Consultation: The Washington Hospital Center Course
Jeffrey P. Spike

Truly Intensive Clinical Ethics Immersion at the Washington Hospital Center
Christopher L. Church and Thalia Arawi

Credentialing the Clinical Ethics Consultant: An Academic Medical Center Affirms Professionalism and Practice
Cathleen A. Acres, Kenneth Prager, George E. Hardart, and Joseph J. Fins

Ethics Been Very Good to Us
Giles R. Scofield

Inside Baseball and Ethics Consultation: A Comment on “Ethics Been Very Good to Us”
Norman Quist

Credentialing and Certification in Ethics Consultation: Lessons from Palliative Care
David Schiedermayer and John La Puma

Personal Perspective: Always on Call: Thoughts from a Neophyte Physician
Jonathan R. Scarff and David W. Musick

Legal Briefing: The Unbefriended: Making Healthcare Decisions for Patients Without Surrogates (Part 2)
Thaddeus Mason Pope and Tanya Sellers

The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Fall 2012, Volume 23, Number 3


Entire issue, Fall 2012, volume 23, number 3


Separate articles:


An Ethical Priority Greater than Life Itself

Edmund G. Howe


Potential Subjects’ Responses to an Ethics Questionnaire in a Phase I Study of Deep Brain Stimulation in Early Parkinson’s Disease

Stuart G. Finder, Mark J. Bliton, Chandler E. Gill, Thomas L. Davis, Peter E. Konrad, and P. David Charles


Regulatory Misconception Muddies the Ethical Waters: Challenges to a Qualitative Study

Kimberly M. Yee and Paul J. Ford


Fortitude and Community: Response to Yee and Ford

Stuart G. Finder and Mark J. Bliton


Stories and the Longitudinal Patient Relationship: What Can Clinical Ethics Consultants Learn from Palliative Care?

Wynne Morrison and Sabrina F. Derrington


The Rose of Sharon: What Is the Ideal Timing for Palliative Care Consultation versus Ethics Consultation?

Jennifer La Via and David Schiedermayer


HCEC Pearls and Pitfalls: Suggested Do’s and Don’t’s for Healthcare Ethics Consultants

Joseph A. Carrese and Members of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Clinical Ethics Consultation Affairs Standing Committee


Elective Delivery Before 39 Weeks’ Gestation: Reconciling Maternal, Fetal, and Family Interests in Challenging Circumstances

S. Van McCrary, Shetal I. Shah, Adriann Combs, and J. Gerald Quirk


Quality of Life and Elective C-Sections: Defining Limits to Maternal and Family Interests

Jeffrey P. Spike


Which Patient Groups Should Be Asked to Participate in First-in-Human Trials of Stem-Cell-Based Therapies?

Kristina Hug and Göran Hermerén


Time to Stop Worrying about the Therapeutic Misconception

David S. Wendler


Letter: Providing More Reasons for Individuals to Register as Organ Donors

Macey Leigh Henderson


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Winter 2012, Volume 23, Number 4


Entire issue, Winter 2012, Volume 23, Number 4


Separate articles:


A Different Approach to Patients and Loved Ones Who Request "Futile" Treatments

Edmund G. Howe


Complex Discharges and Undocumented  Patients: Growing Ethical Concerns

Kayhan Parsi and Nina Hossa


When Negative Rights Become Positive Entitlements: Complicity, Conscience, and Caregiving

Andrew G. Shuman, Adam A. Khan, Jeffrey S. Moyer, Mark E. Prince, and Joseph J. Fins


A New Standard for Incapacitated Patient Decision Making: The Clinical Standard of Surrogate Empowerment

Marc Tunzi


Bedside Resource Stewardship in  Disasters: A Provider’s Dilemma Practicing in an Ethical Gap

Michelle Daniel


Resource Stewardship in Disasters: Alone at the Bedside

Jeffrey T. Berger


Tragic Choices in Humanitarian Health Work

Matthew R. Hunt, Christina Sinding, and Lisa Schwartz


Endoscopy During a Missile Attack: A Military Dilemma for Physicians

Stephen Malnick, Orit Faraj, and Alan Jotkowitz


Making “Social” Safer: Are Facebook and Other Online Networks Becoming Less Hazardous for Health Professionals?

Daniel R. George


Legal Briefing: POLST: Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment

Thaddeus Mason Pope and Melinda Hexum