The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2013, Volume 24



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Spring 2013, Volume 24, Number 1


Entire issue, Spring 2013, Volume 24, Number 1


Separate articles:


The Best Place for Bare-Knuckled Ethics

Edmund G. Howe


Surmounting Elusive Barriers: The Case for Bioethics Mediation

Edward J. Bergman


Commentary on Bergman: "Yes . . . But"

Nancy Neveloff Dubler


The Chiaroscuro of Accountability in the Second Edition of the Core Competencies for Healthcare Ethics Consultation

Lisa Rasmussen


Prescribing for Coworkers: Practices and Attitudes of Faculty and Residents

Carson Strong, Stephanie Connelly, and Laura R. Sprabery


The Ethics of Reality Medical Television

Thalia Margalit Krakower, Martha Montello, Christine Mitchell, and Robert D. Truog


Not a "Reality" Show

Terence Wrong and Erica Baumgart


First, Do No Harm

Neal Baer


Watching Boston Med

Walter M. Robinson


Legal Briefing: Shared Decision Making and Patient Decision Aids

Thaddeus Mason Pope and Melinda Hexum


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Spring 2013, Volume 24, Number 2


Entire issue, Summer 2013, Volume 24, Number 2


Separate articles:


Why Careproviders May Conclude that Treating a Patient Is Futile

Edmund G. Howe


Repetitive Foreign Body Ingestion: Ethical Considerations

Sarah Lytle, Susan J. Stagno, and Barb Daly

The Intensity and Frequency of Moral Distress among Different Healthcare Disciplines

Susan Houston, Mark A. Casanova, Marygrace Leveille, Kathryn L. Schmidt, Sunni A. Barnes,

Kelli R. Trungale, and Robert L. Fine

“He Got His Last Wishes”: Ways of Knowing a Loved One’s End-of-Life Preferences and Whether Those Preferences Were Honored

Angelina R. Wittich, Beverly Rosa Williams, F. Amos Bailey, Lesa L. Woodby, and Kathryn L. Burgio

Making Decisions for Hospitalized Older Adults: Ethical Factors Considered by Family Surrogates

Jenna Fritsch, Sandra Petronio, Paul R. Helft, and Alexia M. Torke

The Threshold Moment: Ethical Tensions Surrounding Decision Making on Tracheostomy for Patients in the Intensive Care Unit

Arvind Venkat

A Response to Dubler’s Commentary on “Surmounting Elusive Barriers: The Case for Bioethics Consultation”

Edward J. Bergman

The Art of the Chart Note in Clinical Ethics Consultation and Bioethics Mediation: Conveying Information that Can Be Understood and Evaluated

Nancy Neveloff Dubler


Legal Briefing: The New Patient Self-Determination Act

Thaddeus Mason Pope



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Fall 2013, Volume 24, number 3

Special Issue on Place of Birth, Guest Edited by Elizabeth Bogdan-Lovis, Charlotte de Vries, and Raymond G. de Vries


Entire issue, Fall 2013, Volume 24, Number 3


Separate articles:


When a Mother Wants to Deliver with a Midwife at Home

      Edmund G. Howe


Planned Home Birth in the United States and Professionalism: A Critical Assessment

      Frank A. Chervenak, Laurence B. McCullough, Amos Grünebaum, Birgit Arabin, Malcolm I. Levene, and Robert L. Brent


Ethics and the Architecture of Choice for Home and Hospital Birth

      Elizabeth Bogdan-Lovis and Raymond G. de Vries


Revisiting “The Maximin Strategy in Modern Obstetrics”

      Howard Brody and Carol Sakala


A Reconsideration of Home Birth in the United States

      Howard Minkoff and Jeffrey Ecker


The Absolute Power of Relative Risk in Debates on Repeat Cesareans and Home Birth in the United States

      Eugene Declercq


Moral Science: Ethical Argument and the Production of Knowledge about Place of Birth

      Raymond G. de Vries, Yasaswi Paruchuri, Kathleen Lorenz, and Saraswathi Vedam


Women’s Perceptions of Childbirth Risk and Place of Birth

      Mary Regan and Katie McElroy


Exceptional Deliveries: Home Births as Ethical Anomalies in American Obstetrics

      Claire L. Wendland


Being Safe: Making the Decision to Have a Planned Home Birth in the United States

      Judith A. Lothian


Facilitating Women’s Choice in Maternity Care

      Marianne Nieuwenhuijze and Lisa Kane Low


Personal Perspective: One Obstetrician’s Look at a Polarizing Birth Arena

      Annette E. Fineberg


Personal Perspective: Seeking an Alternative Baseline for Birth

      Darcia Narváez


Personal Perspective: Individual versus Professional Preferences

      Julie Sharon-Wagschal


Personal Perspective: The Industry Take-Over of Home Birth and Death

      Merilynne Rush


Personal Perspective: On the Need for a Real Choice

      Steve Calvin


Legal Briefing: Home Birth and Midwifery

      Thaddeus Mason Pope and Deborah Fisch



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Winter 2013, Volume 24, Number 4


Entire Issue, Winter 2013, Volume 24, Number 4


Separate articles:


Families, Strangers, and Those Most Alone: Insights from Cultures, Including Our Own

      Edmund G. Howe


On the Lingua Franca of Clinical Ethics

      Joseph J. Fins     


Surrogates and Extra-Familial Interests

      Ralph Baergen and William Woodhouse


Familiar Interests and Strange Analogies: Baergen and Woodhouse on Extra-Familial Interests

      Ralph Baergen and William Woodhouse


Challenges to Culturally Sensitive Care for Elderly Chinese Patients: A First-Generation Chinese-American Perspective

      Karen C. Chan


Patients’ Experiences with Disclosure of a Large-Scale Adverse Event

      Carolyn D. Prouty, Mary Beth Foglia, and Thomas H. Gallagher


Organ Donation among Undocumented Hispanic Immigrants: An Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes

      Joshua S. Baru, Brian P. Lucas, Carmen Martinez, and Daniel Brauner


Ethically Informed Pragmatic Conditions for Organ Donation after Cardiocirculatory Death: Could They Assist in Policy Development?

      Jeffrey Kirby


Why We Should Continue to Worry about the Therapeutic Misconception

      Larry R. Churchill, Nancy M.P. King, and Gail E. Henderson


Problems with the Consensus Definition of the Therapeutic Misconception

      David S. Wendler


Modern Clinical Research: Guidelines for the Practicing Clinician or Source of Confusion?

      Ilia Volkov