The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2014, Volume 25


Winter 2014, Volume 25, Number 4

Fall 2014, Volume 25, Number 3

Summer 2014, Volume 25, Number 2

Spring 2014, Volume 25, Number 1



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The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Winter 2014, Volume 25, Number 4


Entire Issue, Winter 2014, Volume 25, Number 4


New Approaches with Surrogate Decision Makers

Edmund G. Howe

Who’s at the Table? Moral Obligations to Equal-Priority Surrogates in Clinical Ethics Consultations

Meghan O’Brien and Autumn Fiester

Developing and Testing a Checklist to Enhance Quality in Clinical Ethics Consultation

Lauren Sydney Flicker, Susannah L. Rose, Margot M. Eves, Anne Lederman Flamm, Ruchi Sanghani, and Martin L. Smith

Surrogate Decision Making and Intellectual Virtue

Gregory L. Bock

Identifying Challenges to Communicating with Patients about Their Imminent Death

Lena Hoff and Göran Hermerén

Medical Missions to Ghana: The Ethics of Choosing Children for Cardiac Surgery

Christine Mitchell           

How Do We Choose?

Beverly M. Small, Judith Hurley, and Christine Placidi

Great Need, Scarce Resources, and Choice: Reflections on Ethical Issues Following a Medical Mission

Ravi R. Thiagarajan, Mark A. Scheurer, and Joshua W. Salvin       

Ethical Aspects of Arranging Local Medical Collaboration and Care

Samuel Blay Nguah

Pediatric Heart Surgery in Ghana: Three Ethical Questions

Nir Eyal

Epilogue: Ethical Goals for the Future

Edmund G. Howe


The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Fall 2014, Volume 25, Number 3


Entire Issue, Fall 2014, Volume 25, Number 3


What Should Careproviders Do When a Patient "Won’t Budge"?

Edmund G. Howe

Empirical Bioethics Research Is a Winner, But Bioethics Mission Creep Is a False Alarm

Anne Lederman Flamm and Eric Kodish

Power and Jurisdiction

John H. Evans

When Should We Not Respect a Patient’s Wish?

Stephen Napier

The Ethical and Clinical Importance of Measuring Consciousness in Continuously Sedated Patients

Kasper Raus, Martine de Laat, Eric Mortier, and Sigrid Sterckx

The Proportionate Value of Proportionality in Palliative Sedation

Jeffrey T. Berger

Family Members’ Requests to Extend Physiologic Support after Declaration of Brain Death: A Case Series Analysis and Proposed Guidelines for Clinical Management

Anne Lederman Flamm, Martin L. Smith, and Patricia A. Mayer

A Survey of Healthcare Industry Representatives’ Participation in Surgery: Some New Ethical Concerns

Jeffrey Bedard, Crystal Dea Moore, and Wayne Shelton

Legal Briefing: Brain Death and Total Brain Failure

Thaddeus Mason Pope



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Summer 2014, Volume 25, Number 2


Entire Issue, Summer 2014, Volume 25, Number 2


How to Help Patients and Families Make Better End-of-Life Decisions

Edmund G. Howe

Stumbled, Fumbled, Bumbled, Grumbled, and Humbled: Looking Back at the Future History of Clinical Ethics

Jeffrey T. Berger

A Protocol and Ethical Framework for the Distribution of Rationed Chemotherapy

Andrew Hantel

Detoxifying the Concept of Rationing

James Sabin

Uncharted Terrain: Preference Construction at the End of Life

Mary T. White

Aetna’s Compassionate Care Program and End-of-Life Decisions

Barak Krakauer, Joseph Agostini, and Randall Krakauer

Chinese Physicians’ Attitudes toward and Understanding of Medical Professionalism: Results of a National Survey

Linying Hu, Xiuyun Yin, Xiaolei Bao, and Jing-Bao Nie

Ethics Pocket Cards: An Educational Tool for Busy Clinicians

Rebecca L. Volpe, Benjamin H. Levi, George F. Blackall, and Michael J. Green

Legal Briefing: Informed Consent in the Clinical Context

Thaddeus Mason Pope and Melinda Hexum

Letter: Improving Patient-Doctor Communication about Risk and Choice in Obstetrics and Gynecology through Medical Education: A Call for Action

Macey L. Henderson, Jennifer Chevinsky, Rizwana Biviji-Sharma, and Kathryn Mills



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Spring 2014, Volume 25, Number 1


Entire Issue, Spring 2014, Volume 25, Number 1


Ethically Optimal Interventions with Impaired Patients

Edmund G. Howe

DNR and ECMO: A Paradox Worth Exploring

Ellen Cowen Meltzer, Natalia S. Ivascu, and Joseph J. Fins

Defending the Jurisdiction of the Clinical Ethicist

John H. Evans

Can the Social Sciences Save Bioethics?

Daniel Callahan

Clinical Ethicists: Consultants or Professionals?

William J. Winslade

Response to Callahan and Winslade

John H. Evans

The Desire to Die: Making Treatment Decisions for Suicidal Patients Who Have an Advance Directive

Erica K. Salter

Beyond Privacy: Benefits and Burdens of E-Health Technologies in Primary Care

Julie M. Aultman and Erin Dean

The Side-Effects of the "Facebook Effect": Challenging Facebook’s "Organ Donor" Application

Adam M. Peña

Legal Briefing: Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking

Thaddeus Mason Pope and Amanda West