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The Journal of Clinical Ethics, 2019, Volume 30

Spring, Volume 30, Number 1

Summer, Volume 30, Number 2

Fall, Volume 30, Number 3


Current Issue:

The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Volume 30, Number 3, Fall 2019

Entire issue, Fall 2019, Volume 30, Number 3


At the Bedside

Treating Children Maximally: Practical Applications

      Edmund G. Howe


Better than Best (Interest Standard) in Pediatric Decision Making

      Lainie Friedman Ross

Offering the “Reasonable Interests Standard” in Response to Ross’s Analysis of the Best Interests Standard

      D. Micah Hester

Guidance and Intervention Principles in Pediatrics: The Need for Pluralism

      Mark Christopher Navin and Jason Adam Wasserman

Decision Making on Behalf of Children: Understanding the Role of the Harm Principle

      Douglas S. Diekema

When Better Isn’t Good Enough: Commentary on Ross’s “Better than Best (Interest Standard) in Pediatric Decision Making”

      Erica K. Salter

Constrained Parental Autonomy and the Interests of Children in Non-Intimate Families

      Erin Paquette

The Best Interest Standard Is the Best We Have: Why the Harm Principle and Constrained Parental Autonomy Cannot Replace the Best Interest Standard in Pediatric Ethics

      Johan C. Bester

In Further Defense of “Better than Best (Interest)”

      Lainie Friedman Ross

Pediatric Decision Making: Ross, Rawls, and Getting Children and Families Right 

      Norman Quist

A Working Un-Conference

A Working Un-Conference to Advance Innovations Among Clinical Ethics Programs

      Hilary Mabel and Paul J. Ford

Clarifying a Clinical Ethics Service’s Value, the Visible and the Hidden

      Laura Guidry-Grimes, Marika Warren, Hannah I. Lipman, Kelly Kent, Kaarkuzhali Babu Krishnamurthy, Arlene M. Davis, Thomas May, Marycon Chin Jiro, and Jane Jankowski

Emerging Roles of Clinical Ethicists

      Jeffrey S. Farroni, Emma Tumilty, Debjani Mukherjee, Susan McCammon, David M. Chooljian, and Margot M. Eves

Pediatric Ethics Consultation: Practical Considerations for the Clinical Ethics Consultant

      Caroline A. Buchanan, Johan C. Bester, Bethany Bruno, Clare Delany, Kerri O. Kennedy, Tracy Koogler, Nneka O. Sederstrom, Jessica A. Moore, and Kathryn L. Weise

Comprehensive Quality Assessment in Clinical Ethics

      Thomas V. Cunningham, Andrea Chatburn, Cynthia Coleman, Evan DeRenzo, Kristin Furfari, John Frye, III, Avery C. Glover, Matthew Kenney, Nico Nortjé, Janet Malek,

      Mark Repenshek, Flora Sheppard, and Joshua S. Crites


Letter: Words Matter in the Lives of Transgender Youth: Response to “Family Discordance Regarding Fertility Preservation for a Transgender Teen: An Ethical Case Study”

      Beth A. Clark and Alice Virani

Letter: In Response to “Words Matter in the Lives of Transgender Youth”              

      Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Amani Sampson, Lisa Campo-Engelstein, and Leena Nahata



The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Volume 30, Number 2, Summer 2019

Entire issue, Summer 2019, Volume 30, Number 2


At the Bedside

When Adolescents May Die

Edmund G. Howe

The States as Laboratories: Regulation of Decisions for Incapacitated Patients

Erin S. DeMartino and Joshua A. Rolnick

The Clinician as Clinical Ethics Consultant: An Empirical Method of Study

Donald S. Kornfeld and Kenneth Prager

The ASBH Approach to Certify Clinical Ethics Consultants Is Both Premature and Inadequate

Mark Siegler

Roles of the Clinical Ethics Consultant: A Response to Kornfeld and Prager

David Michael Vaughan, Rebecca Permar, Corisa Rakestraw, Ryan Hart, Leslie C. Griffin, and William J. Winslade

Moving Towards a New Hospital Model of Clinical Ethics

Evan G. DeRenzo

Elements of an Ethics Consultation

John C. Fletcher and Edward M. Spencer

Physicians’ Perspectives on Adolescent and Young Adult Advance Care Planning: The Fallacy of Informed Decision Making

Jennifer S. Needle, Cynthia Peden-McAlpine, and Joan Liaschenko 

Fertility Preservation for a Teenager with Differences (Disorders) of Sex Development: An Ethics Case Study

Lisa Campo-Engelstein, Diane Chen, Arlene B. Baratz, Emilie K. Johnson, and Courtney Finlayson

Perils of the Hidden Curriculum: Emotional Labor and “Bad” Pediatric Proxies

Margaret Waltz, R. Jean Cadigan, Benny Joyner, Paul Ossman, and Arlene Davis

Consent Obtained by Residents: Informed by the Uninformed?

Alan R. Tait



Spring 2019, Volume 30, Number 1

Entire Issue, Spring 2019, Volume 30, Number 1


The Edge-of-the-Field of Clinical Ethics Now, After 30 Years: Does Research Ethics Show Us the Way?

Edmund D. Howe

Clinical Medical Ethics: Its History and Contributions to American Medicine

Mark Siegler

Once and Future Clinical Neuroethics: A History of What Was and What Might Be

Joseph J. Fins

Clinical Ethics in Pediatrics: An International Perspective

John D. Lantos, Sarosh Saleem, Fajar Raza, Janicke Syltern, Erwin J. Khoo, Arpana Iyengar, Priya Pais,

Jagdish Chinnappa, Pablo Lezama-Del Valle, and André Kidszun

Reflection of a Physician-Writer: On Why I Write

Ranjana Srivastava

“Clinical” Surgical Ethics

Peter Angelos

Ethics and Evidence

Daniel P. Sulmasy

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Informed Consent, and Rescue: What Provides Moral Justification for the Provision of CPR?

Johan Bester and Eric Kodish